Yusei oji
Release: May 19, 1959

A group of aliens from the planet Krankor plan to invade Earth. They are lead by their leader, Phantom however they are stopped in their tracks by a masked hero known as Prince of Space. The film is a combination of several shorts and films from the Japan called Planet Prince edited together to make US television film release. Japanese release directed by Eijirô Wakabayashi. The film was on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 816.

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Scientist: "Wait! You can't! This is impossible!"
Phantom of Krankor: "'Be silent. I am Dictator of Krankor. I assure you that the word "impossible" is a word which for me... does not exist!"
Phantom of Krankor: "Attention, people of Earth: I am Ambassador Phantom, from the planet Krankor! I am rapidly approaching your planet... in the warship, which you have just seen."
Broadcaster: "It's overloading every channel! What a powerful beam he must have! Look at that modulation!"
Phantom of Krankor: "I will arrive tomorrow night at precisely eight o'clock. At that time I shall make my wishes known to you. You will obey them... or die! Have a pleasant night's sleep... HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!"
Phantom of Krankor: "I am the Phantom of Krankor. Ha ha ha ha."
Phantom of Krankor: "You there! Discharge the caustic vapors!"
Prince of Space: "Hold your fire! Your weapons are useless - let's try bare hands now!"
Prince of Space: "There's no use firing - your guns won't work against me!"
Phantom of Krankor: "Give everyone four hours off."
Phantom of Krankor: "I've got ya now, ya scum!"
Johnny: "What's the matter with you, Mickey? This might be dangerous!"
Mickey: "I'm not afraid. If you are, go on home."
Wally: "I just wish I could teach them something besides boot-blacking."
Mickey: "What's the matter with boot-blacking? We both like it very much! Right Kimmy?"
Phantom of Krankor: "Come on out or we're gonna kill some differin'!"
Prince of Space: "How many times do I have to demonstrate to you... your guns are worthless against me!"
Professor Macken: "What happened to my driver?"
Phantom of Krankor: "Come now, Professor. What a silly question. I can't be bothered to keep track of your worthless servants. We blasted him out of an airlock, so by now he's probably fallen into a star! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!"
Phantom of Krankor: "Now, gentlemen, your time has come. Prepare to leave Krankor."
Scientist: "What's that?"
Phantom of Krankor: "Prepare to leave. Each of you will enter a space capsule."
Scientist: "What?"
Phantom of Krankor: "Come closer!"
Prince of Space: "I'm close enough. Thank you anyway. The stench of your foul breath is more than my stomach can stand!"
Prince of Space: "Your weapons have no effect on me!"
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