Welcome to the Dollhouse
Release: September 10, 1995
Release: September 10, 1995

For many adolescents, junior high school is no fun...and for Dawn Wiener, a geeky seventh grader, it's a living hell. Neither pretty nor smart, she is constantly picked on by her cruel classmates (calling her mean names like Wienerdog and Ugly) as well as her teachers. At home, things are much worse. With very little love from her parents and finding herself getting into trouble, Dawn is stuck in the middle her brainy older brother, Mark, known as "King of the Nerds" and her bratty little sister, Missy, a doted-on-cue ballerina. Then one day, Dawn falls in love with the lead singer in Mark's garage band and will do anything to make him fall for her. Next thing she realizes the school bully, who had been tormenting her and threatens to rape her, begins to take a liking to her. The winner of the Grand Jury prize at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival, Welcome to the Dollhouse is at times funny and harsh and makes some wonder how they made it through junior high and others terrified at what lies ahead for them. Besides, it's only 3 years, right? Later followed by Palindromes in 2005 also written and directed by Todd Solondz.

Ralphie: "You think you're hot shit, but you're really just cold diarrhea."
Dawn Weiner: "Why do you hate me?"
Lolita: "Because you're ugly"
Brandon McCarthy: "Get off me! I'm the one that makes the first move."
Brandon: "Yo Weiner, you better get ready, 'cause at three o' clock today, I'm gonna RAPE you!"
Mrs. Weiner: "They found her tutu!"
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