The Cure
Release: April 21, 1995

Dexter, age 11, who has AIDS, and his next door neighbor Eric, a little older and much bigger, become best friends. Eric also becomes closer to Dexter's mother than to his own, who is neglectful and bigoted and violently forbids their friendship upon learning of it. When they read that a doctor in distant New Orleans claims to have found a cure for AIDS, the boys leave home on their own, planning to float down the Mississippi river and find him.

Dexter and Erik: "Dexter: WAKA!! Erik: that means yes, white woman. -Dexter and Erik"
Erik: "Jesus you're a midget! -Erik"
Dexter and Erik: "Dexter: My blood is like poison!! Erik: PUSSIES!!!! Dexter: deadlier than the venom of a cobra... Erik: PUSSY!!! -Dexter and Erik"
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