The Man From Snowy River
Release: November 05, 1982

Jim Craig has lived his entire life in the mountains of Australia until his father dies from a sudden accident. Jim is soon forced to look for work in the lowlands to rebuild what his father fought so hard to make, all the while encouraged by the lone miner Spur to persevere. Jim finds work with Harrison, a hard nosed millionaire American as a ranch hand. Spur and Harrison are twin brothers who haven't spoken for years, one of whom was Jim's father's best friend and the other the father of the girl Jim has come to love. A 20 year old feud re-erupts, catching Jim and Jessica in the middle of it as Jim must prove his innocence and his honor.

Jessica: "They're trying to make a lady out of me. -Jessica"
Jim: "I think they're trying to make a butler out of me. -Jim"
Jim: "Well, they won't have no luck. -Jim"
Jessica: "Thank you very much! -Jessica"
Spur: "He's not a lad, brother, he's a man. He's a man! -Spur"
Harrison: "You have a long way to go yet, lad. -Harrison"
Jessica: "I don't suppose they'll have any luck making a gentleman out of you, either. -Jessica"
Jim: "Now hold on, I didn't mean... -Jim"
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