King Kong
Release: March 02, 1933

A Group Of Filmmakers Travel To Skull Island In Search Of A Giant Ape Named "Kong" Who Kidnaps Ann Darrow As They Capture Him And They Bring Him Back to New York City Where He Escapes And He Climbs The Empire State Building.

Carl Denham: "We're millionaires boys! And I'll share it with all of you!... Why in a few months his name will be light on Broadway!... 'Kong! The Eight Wonder of the World!'"
Captain Englehorn: "According to you, one of these gas bombs is enough to knock out an elephant."
Carl Denham: "I'm telling you skipper, this Kong is the biggest thing in the world! Knocked those men off that log like they were flies! -Carl Denham"
Shipmate: "Hey Charlie, I wish you made your soup as thick as this. -Shipmate"
Ann Darrow & John Driscoll: "Ann : Don't you think the skipper is a sweet old lamb? John : (laughs) I'd hate to have him hear me say that. -Ann Darrow & John Driscoll"
Carl Denham: "No, it wasn't the airplanes. It was beauty killed the best. -Carl Denham"
Carl Denham: "He was a king in the world he knew, but he comes to you now a captive! -Carl Denham"
Carl Denham: "Have you ever heard of...Kong? -Carl Denham"
Ann Darrow: "What queer looking boats. -Ann Darrow"
John Driscoll: "Why, Ann... I think I love you. -John Driscoll"
Carl Denham: "I'll get a girl, even if I have to marry one! -Carl Denham"
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