The Weird Adventures of Mutt & Jeff and Bugoff
Release: October 13, 1973

USA government agents Mutt and Jeff have been assigned to track down SMOGPOO’s top secret agent Bugoff, a master of disguise attempting to steal secrets all across the globe. Directed by Bud Evslin Produced by William D. Cayton Originally released October 13, 1973 © Radio and Television Packagers, Inc. A long "lost" animated feature composed of colorized Mutt & Jeff cartoons, not seen since its last screening in 1990, and a "holy grail" I hunted for up to at least two to three years. Cast: Terence Milo as Dancer Robert Weil as Mutt (voice) Larry Robinson as Jeff (voice) Earl Hammond as Bugoff (voice)

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Mutt: "[running into the Shultz the Sausage Man wagon] Here I come, Jeff! [after the man grabbed Mutt out of the wagon] Wait! I'm a government agent!"
Employee: "Meat inspector, eh? Take a first hand look! [then Mutt sliding down the sausage machine became stuck]"
Jeff: "STOP! PUT ON THE BRAKES! THAT'S MY PARTNER! Unsausage him, immediately! Absolutely immediately! [then jump off and begin pulling Jeff out] Courage, Pal! Help is coming! This way, Mutt! Upward and onward!"
Mutt: "[after escaping the meat factory] Take the lid out, little man! We're late for our next assignment!"
Jeff: "Don't you think we raid a vacation?"
Bugoff: "[from the wall] But we shall meet at your next assignment!"
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Old man on Boat: "Alright, boys! We got enough bombs to blow up Hawaii and defending our canal too!"
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Male: "♪Mother wanted him to be a dentist in a white coat safely drilling filling teeth He'd be drilling filling making money but he didn't want it so If he listens to his dear old mother he'd be filling teeth and thirty bucks of throw♪"
Jeff: "No, I have a thinking sensation!"
Male: "♪He'd be drilling filling making money but he didn't want it so mother wanted him to be a dentist She knew what was a clever when it for a son to make a killing in a safer nickel way♪"
Jeff: "Marvelous, what a little sheer terror can do."
Male: "♪If he listens to his dear old mother he'd be filling teeth and thirty bucks of throw He'd be drilling filling making money but he didn't want it so… mother wanted him to be a dentist"
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S.M.O.G.P.O.O.: "Subverse Manufactures Of Gruesome Plots On Order ...or better known as Spies Meanies Oddballs Goons Phantoms Ogres Ogeresses"
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Little Devil #1: "Look who's trying to escape."
Little Devil #2: "Let's have some fun!"
Little Devil #1: "Let's take him for a ride!"
Little Devil #2: "All right! Let's go!"
Little Devil #1: "Wee! You've had it yank!"
Little Devil #2: "You're going downhill fast! [then they ride Mutt as a sled down the hill]"
Mutt: "[to Little Devils] Cut off, you little demons! I'm no vehicle, you know! I'm a good badge carrying gun toting American agent! When I get vertical again, you've been ahead for a tall timber!"
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Announcer: "[last lines in live action sequence] The Chief!"
The Chief: "Everyone hears painfully aware handful of snobs and false prophets who have criticized us for the manner in which this country goes about the business of gathering foreign intelligence. Well, let everyone know that our top secret agents Mutt and Jeff have succeeded in bringing the top secret agent of SMOGPOO Bugoff over to our side. [then showing the Mount Rushmore] Mutt and Jeff should be added to this country's great patriots. [Then showing the flag] As for Bugoff, no more disguises. He's stra"
Bugoff: "[laughs] These days, you can never tell."
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Jeff: "I should've listen to my dear mother, she wanted to be a dentist!"
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