Soldier Blue
Release: August 12, 1970
Release: August 12, 1970

While crossing Cheyenne territory en route to Fort Reunion, a group of cavalry officers is brutally attacked by Indians. Afterward, the only survivors are a naïve private named Honus Gant (Peter Strauss) and a betrothed woman called Cresta (Candice Bergen) who previously lived among the Indians. As the two try to finish their journey alone, Honus finds himself increasingly attracted to Cresta, and yet simultaneously repelled by her sympathy for the Native American tribes.

Kathy Maribel Lee, 'Cresta': "Good brave lads. Comin' out here to kill themselves a real live injun. Puttin' up their forts in a country they got no claim to. So what the hell do you expect the indians to do, sit back on their butts while the army takes over their land?"
Honus Gent: "You saw for yourself what they did; taking off scalps!"
Kathy Maribel Lee, 'Cresta': "Yeah, and who taught 'em that little trick? The white man!"
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Honus Gent: "I'm going to sleep."
Kathy Maribel Lee, 'Cresta': "You do that, soldier. And you try to keep your mind off me."
Honus Gent: "Ms. Lee, I certainly have at no..."
Kathy Maribel Lee, 'Cresta': "Oh, I know. If you get too all-fired horny during the night, just go soak your head in the stream over there."
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Col. Iverson: "[to Lt McNair] 'McNair! Raze the village! Burn this... pestilence!'"
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Col. Iverson: "When I see young people today behaving like that I just... I can't help wondering what this goddamn country's coming to."
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