It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World
Release: January 01, 1963
Release: January 01, 1963

"Smiler" Grogan(Jimmy Durante) runs away from the cops fifteen years in the past and is killed in a car crash,many years later. Before dying he tells some strangers that he has hidden his loot from his last robbery in a town near the Mexican border..believeing the old man's story..the zany group heads out to"Santa Rosita"with other treasure hunters along the way to find and get the suitcase filled with $350,000. Unaware that their every move is being watch by the head of "Santa Rosita's Police Detective squad":"Capt.Culpepper"(Spencer Tracy)..who plans to solve the case,arrest the group and retire.But his plans also go awry and he soon join in the crazy hunt for the loot. The film features many comedy performers and character actors in Stanley Kramer's only film comedy...which includes Zasu Pitts..This Is Zasu Pitts and Jimmy Durante's last movie.

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