Flowers in the Attic
Release: November 20, 1987

After the death of her husband, Corrine, mother of Cathy, Chris, Carrie and Cory, under desperate measures, takes them to live under the roof of FoxWarth Hall. Little do the children know about the attic home they would be imprisoned in, much longer than the day Momma had promised. With the eyes of their suspicous grandmother, the children feel no safety. Momma, so desperately trying to keep her life to herself, let herself say more than wat was expected, and do something that no mother would ever dream of, any mother in the right mind that is...

Cathy: "Eat the cookie!! -Cathy"
Narrator: "Though it's been many years since I last saw it, I'll always remember that even my first impression was one of fear and wonder. My childhood was soon to be lost, my innocence shattered, and all our dreams destroyed by what we would find within. -Narrator"
Mother: "Corey had pneumonia. The doctors did all they could. There won't be a funeral, he's already been buried. -Mother"
Chris: "Look at you in your black dress. Your fancy jewels. Your pinched face. We're not afraid of you! We laugh at you! Do you hear that? We laugh! -Chris"
Chris: "Your mother has come home after seventeen years to repent for her sins and for her crime. Not only against your grandfather and me, but against God! Your mother's marriage was unholy! A sacrilege! An abomination in the eyes of the Lord! -Chris"
Cathy: "Why are you just standing there, Mother? Do you want Cory to die just because you're so selfish? Goddamn you to hell, Mama, if you don't take Cory to a hospital! -Cathy"
Mother: "Because he will. Your grandfather is dying. He's not expected to live much longer, and in that time, I'm going to win back his love... and then, darlings, I'll be an heiress to a fortune beyond your imaginations. And through me, all your wildest dreams. -Mother"
Mother: "Stop it! You have no right to talk to me like that! Do you think I've had pleasure while my children have been in pain? You are cruel. When you're ready to treat me with love, I'll be back... -Mother"
Grandmother: "No child in this house will shout or scream or show defiance! Do you hear me? Do you? Now, remove your blouse, daughter. And show them how punishment is given in this house. -Grandmother"
Grandmother: "Look closely, children. 17 lashes. One for each year she lived in sin with your father. So you hear me now, I will give you food and shelter, but never kindness or love. For it is impossible to feel anything but disgust for something that is unwholesome. -Grandmother"
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