The Thing from Another World
Release: April 29, 1951
Release: April 29, 1951

A U.S. Air Force re-supply crew, lead by commanding officer Captain Patrick Hendry, is requested to come to a research station (in Alaska) by Dr. Carrington (the head of a group of scientists working at a remote research base in the Arctic) after they think they have found unknown aircraft has crash landed in the area. The crew find out that the craft is a flying saucer in attempting to free the saucer out of the ice they find a body as well in the ice. After returning the body (in a block of ice) the research station is hit by storm resulting in any kind of contact from the outside world impossible. Even worse the block of ice melts to show an alien plant based creature with hostile intentions (requiring blood for it to survive). While the Dr. Carrington believes the creature can be reasoned with the others believe the creature must be destroyed. Can the team survive the creatures wrath?

Dr. Arthur Carrington: "No pleasure, no pain... no emotion, no heart. Our superior in every way."
Ned "Scotty" Scott: "Here's the sixty-four dollar question - what do you do with a vegetable?"
Nikki: "Boil it."
Ned "Scotty" Scott: "What did you say?"
Nikki: "Boil it... bake it... stew it... fry it?"
Hendry: "Did you get your picture?"
Ned "Scotty" Scott: "No, you were in the way and the door wasn't open long enough."
Hendry: "You want us to open it again?"
Ned "Scotty" Scott: "NO!"
Dr. Arthur Carrington: "We owe it to the brain of our species to stand here and die... without destroying a source of wisdom."
Dr. Chapman: "Find anything, Captain?"
Hendry: "Not a sign. We poked into every snowbank within miles."
Bob, Crew Chief: "Barnes flushed a polar bear."
Cpl. Barnes: "Sure did."
Dr. Chapman: "Scare you?"
Cpl. Barnes: "Not after I saw it was only a bear."
Ned "Scotty" Scott: "Dr. Carrington, you're a man who won the Nobel Prize. You've received every kind of international kudos a scientist can attain. If you were for sale I could get a million bucks for you from any foreign government. I'm not, therefore, gonna stick my neck out and say you're stuffed absolutely clean full of wild blueberry muffins, but I promise my readers are gonna think so."
Ned "Scotty" Scott: "Please doctor, I've got to ask this. It sounds like, well, just as though you're describing some form of super carrot."
Dr. Arthur Carrington: "There are no enemies in science, only phenomena to be studied."
Ned "Scotty" Scott: "An intellectual carrot. The mind boggles."
Ned "Scotty" Scott: "Watch the skies, everywhere! Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!"
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