Metalstorm The Destruction Of Jared Syn
Release: August 19, 1983
Release: August 19, 1983

It's the science fiction battle of the ages with giant cyclopes and intergalactic magicians in this futuristic adventure set on the desert planet of Lemuria. A miner and his daughter Dhyana (Kelly Preston) fall prey to the evil dictator Jader-Syn's reign of terror. Dogen, (Jeffrey Byron) the brave peace keeping ranger must save Dhyana and the rest of the planet from the forces of Jared-Syn, (Mike Preston) his son Baal (R David Smith) and the hideous cyclopean warlord , Hurok (Richard Moll) If Dogen does not find Dhyana in time, she will be sacrificed to Jared-Syn's strange live-giving crystal. Take a space-age journey into the furthest reaches of the imagination with dazzling special effects and a story that will excite fantasy fans of all ages.

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