Welcome To L.A
Release: January 01, 1976
Release: January 01, 1976

Alan Rudolph's first feature Welcome to L.A. displays his characteristic mood of romantic despair utilizing a La Ronde-like circle of sexual adventures and failed affairs centered around song-writer Carroll Barber(Keith Carradine) which spread out through the city. Barber is an aloof womanizer who cannot commit or love and is used by Rudolph to illustrate the loneliness inherent in big-city life. The film, featuring a haunting score by Richard Baskin, is a bit too ambitious for the beginning director. However, he gets good performances from Sally Kellerman as a lonely real estate agent, Geraldine Chaplin, as a Valley housewife addicted to taxi rides and Lauren Hutton as the mistress of a wealthy man. — Linda Rasmussen Keith Carradine - Carroll Barber Sally Kellerman - Ann Goode Geraldine Chaplin - Karen Hood Harvey Keitel - Ken Hood Lauren Hutton - Nona Bruce Viveca Lindfors - Susan Moore Sissy Spacek - Linda Murray Denver Pyle - Carl Barber John Considine - Jack Goode Richard Baskin - Eric Wood Cedric Scott - Faye Mike E. Kaplan - Russell Linden Diahnne Abbott - Jeannette Ross Allan Nicholls - Dana Howard James Keach

11 years, 9 months ago
Actually, Allan Rudolph's first feature was called Premonition, although he may like to forget it. ;)
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