Crossing Delancey
Release: September 16, 1988
Release: September 16, 1988

Isabelle Grossman (Amy Irving) leads a happy single life. Working at a bookstore and cultivating a small group of friends, she's feeling absolutely fine. Her grandmother Bubbie Kantor (Reizl Bozyk) feels that the single life isn't the type of life her granddaughter should be having. Calling upon a matchmaker named Hannah Mandelbaum (Sylvia Miles), Bubbie is determined to get Isabelle into a relationship. As it happens, she's being pursued by an author named Anton Maes (Jeroen Krabbe), whose work she enjoys. Bubbie and Hannah would prefer for Isabelle to be in love with a childhood friend of her's named Sam Posner (Peter Riegert), who makes his living as a pickle vendor. Which man will Isabelle choose, and will there even be love with the one she does choose?

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