The Giant Gila Monster
Release: January 01, 1959
Release: January 01, 1959

A small Texas town has strange events occurring in it's town. Accident start to happen around the town but hardly anybody can figure out the cause of it. Sheriff Jeff along with his friend Chase (a mechanic, hod rod racer, and song writer) figure out that something isn't right with accidents. They soon lean that there is a Giant Gila Monster that has contributed to the accidents. The monster at first was only getting victims on the outskirts of town but now has its sights set on the small town for more prey. The episode appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 402.

Sheriff Jeff: "Have you heard the reports of a "giant lizard"?"
Mr. Wheeler: "Yes, but it's just not possible."
Sheriff Jeff: "Well, why not? There have been giants before!"
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