Poison Ivy: The New Seduction
Release: January 01, 1997
Release: January 01, 1997

The third installment in the meretricious "Poison Ivy" series explores a different branch of the Ivy family tree. Jaime Pressly stars as Violet, sister of Ivy, who returns to the home of the Greer family. As little girls, Violet and Ivy were traumatized when they were forcibly taken away from the Greer home and their best friend Joy -- after their housekeeper mother was discovered in an affair with the head of the household, Ivan Greer. Now it's eleven years later and the widower Ivan, his grown-up daughter Joy and new housekeeper Mrs. B welcome the gorgeous, post-adolescent Violet back with open arms. Just like her sister, however, Violet is a scheming tramp and home-wrecker. She quickly shares cocaine and sleeps with Joy's sexually frustrated boyfriend Michael and seduces Ivan with a topless dip in the pool. When those around her begin to suspect that Violet has less than honorable intentions, she turns homicidal, murdering the Greers one by one, to Joy's horror.

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