Six-String Samurai
Release: September 18, 1998
Release: September 18, 1998

In 1957, The Soviet Union dropped the atomic bomb on the U.S. and won the war. The only place left where freedom is not outlawed is Las Vegas where Elvis rules as King. 40 years later Elvis has died and the message gets sent out over the radiowaves to one and all that Vegas needs a new King. Cue Buddy, the sword-swinging, guitar-playing hero who looks suspiciously a lot like Buddy Holly. Along his trek across the Badlands he befriends an orphan boy who accompanies him on his journey as he battles his way through Windmill People, a Spinach Monster, and Death (who looks a lot like Slash from Guns N Roses) just to name a few.

Ward Cleaver: "You ever try a pink golf ball, Wally? Why, the wind shear alone on a pink golf ball can take the head off a 90-pound midget at over 300 yards. -Ward Cleaver"
Buddy: "You come all this way out saying squat and now you're trying to tell me that a '56 Chevy could beat a '48 Buick in a dead quarter mile? I liked you better when you weren't saying squat kid... Go to bed. -Buddy"
Satellite DJ: "You're listening to K-Lost home of the Apocalypse. The call in question of the day is who will be the new king? I'm sending in an ICBM across the wasteland for all of you on the yellow brick road to Vegas looking for a hero. If you find one send him my -Satellite DJ"
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