Dragon Ball Z: The History Of Trunks
Release: January 01, 1993

A Prequel To The Trunks Saga & Androids Saga From Dragon Ball Z.

Trunks: "All right, this is it! Time for revenge! Your death won't be in vain, Gohan!"
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18: "Oh my gosh! *laughs* Your shirt is torn! *laughs*"
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Gohan: "You know you can't win. You can't destroy what I really am! Even if you manage to kill this body, someone even stronger would surface and take my place. Not one death would go unaccounted for, not one!!"
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Trunks: "This just isn't fair!"
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Bulma: "Oh my gosh! What happened, Trunks?"
Trunks: "To be blunt, we got beat up."
Bulma: "*on Gohan* Oh no, his arm! Quick, get him to a bed, Trunks! Hurry!"
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Krillin: "He's gone. Goku's gone!"
Vegeta: "Kakarot. No."
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Bulma: "Darn those two!"
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Trunks: "Why? I don't get it. Tell me, why are you two doing this?"
17: "Dr. Gero created us for the purpose of world domination, but that doesn't matter to us. Not at all."
18: "Whenever we see humans, it angers us. We hate you humans."
Trunks: "What?! You monsters!"
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17: "This thunderstorm is a perfect backdrop for your demise."
Gohan: "There is no end for me today. NO END!"
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