Release: January 10, 1927
Release: January 10, 1927

In 1927, noted director Fritz Lang created a film masterpiece titled "METROPOLIS", a silent science fiction film with a film budget of $200 Million, having being shot and filmed for 2 years, and the film became a major classic among motion pictures. The film inspired many films, including STAR WARS and BLADE RUNNER, and references and influences, including Tim Burton's BATMAN, SUPERMAN, TRANSFORMERS (cartoon series), CLOSE ENCOUNTERS FOR A THRID KIND and more. Most of the film's footage is either lost, destroyed or missing. In 1984, noted Italian OSCAR-winning music producer Giorgio Moroder, restored and re-edited METROPOLIS with some new footage found at the time, and featuring a new soundtrack to the film, featuring many artists/bands like Pat Benetar, Freddie Mercury (of Queen), Bonnie Tyler, Loverboy, Billy Squier, Jon Anderson (from Yes) and Adam Ant (from Adam and the Ants), Cycle V, and featuring music from Moroder himself. The film was released on home video by Vestron Video, and did well in sales, though the 1984 release was nominated for 2 Razzie Awards (Worst Score by Moroder, and Worst Song (Love Kills by Freddie Mercury). In 2008, over 80 years since the original film's release, German magazine company "ZEITmagazin" reported to might have found the full, complete version of METROPOLIS. Later that year, another copy of what is to be believed, the full film has been discovered. The film is now hoped to be complete for full enjoyed viewing.

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