Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie - 1001 Rabbit Tales
Release: November 16, 1982
Release: November 16, 1982

Bugs bunny tells fairy tale stories with the looney tunes. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck have to sell books for Rambling House. They go their separate ways and experience many wacky things. After a little while, Bugs comes across Sultan Yosemite Sam's palace in the Arabian desert. Sam needs someone to read to his spoiled brat son, Prince Abba-Dabba. When Bugs first meets the tyke and gets mocked, he objects to the idea of reading to him. Then, Sam threatens to make Bugs bathe in boiling oil, at which point Bugs agrees to read to Abba-Dabba. Bugs tries to escape on a flying carpet from the palace, but Sam catches him. Meanwhile, Daffy stumbles upon a cave of gold and tries to make off with the treasure. But a genie does not like what he was doing and chases him out of the cave. Daffy wanders through the desert and soon sees the palace, hoping to sell books there. Bugs luckily escapes and tries to warn Daffy about the palace but he would not listen. He found out the hard way and the two walk off with Daffy missing all of his feathers. Most of the rest of the movie consists of the stories played out as classic cartoons. Some of the classic cartoon shorts were abridged. In the One Froggy Evening sequence, the ending where the construction worker from 2056 finds the singing frog and makes off with it was cut, making it seem as if the cartoon ended with the construction worker from 1955 getting rid of the frog and running off. This was the first Looney Tunes compilation film to use a completely original story and treat the included cartoon shorts as new, as opposed to having the characters introduce the cartoons. The episodes included are: Cracked Quack Apes of Wrath Wise Quackers Ali Baba Bunny Tweety and the Beanstalk Bewitched Bunny Goldimouse and the Three Cats Red Riding Hoodwinked The Pied Piper of Guadalupe & Mexican Boarders (with the story ending with the ending of the former.) One Froggy Evening Aqua Duck (flipped and only shown up to the point where Daffy realises the pool of water is a mirage.)

Bugs Bunny: "Let me tell you a story about a singing frog."
Prince Abadaba: "A FROG? But frogs don't sing."
Bugs: "This one did…"
Bugs Bunny: "You want me to tell stories to that? I'd rather throw peanuts at it. -Bugs Bunny"
Sylvester, Jr.: "Whoever heard a cat eating porridge? Why can't we have a mouse like other pussycats? -Sylvester, Jr."
Daffy Duck: "What a way for a duck to travel, underground. -Daffy Duck"
Bugs Bunny: "♪I dream of Jeanie; She's a light brown hare♪"
Bugs Bunny: "Here we are, Pizmo Beach and all the clams we can eat! -Bugs Bunny"
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