Dudley Do-Right
Release: August 21, 1999
Release: August 21, 1999

Based on the cartoon, this live-action comedy follows the adventures of Dudley Do-Right (Brendan Fraser), an enthusiastic, if somewhat dim, Canadian Mountie. When Dudley's childhood crush, Nell Fenwick (Sarah Jessica Parker), returns to their hometown in the mountains, he is eager to spend time with her, but his attempts at courting her are foiled by the villainous Snidely Whiplash (Alfred Molina), who is up to his usual schemes. Can Dudley win Nell's heart and curtail Snidely's wicked ways?

Dudley Do-Right: "You got weapons?"
Standing Room Only: "Weapons? Come on. This is basically a dinner theater we're runnin' here."
Dudley Do-Right: "You got fireworks?"
Chief: "That we got."
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Nell Fenwick: "[referring to the corn festival] Dudley, this is totally authentic!"
Dudley Do-Right: "This is Canada, Nell. Things are real up here."
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Voice of the Announcer: "Meanwhile, at an abandoned gold mine, a sinister figure lurks."
Snidely K. 'Whip' Whiplash: "I love to lurk. It's so me. [chuckles]"
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Voice of the Announcer: "Meanwhile, back at Snidely's not-so-secret hideout..."
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Snidely K. 'Whip' Whiplash: "[referring to the letters 'D.D.' being shot into the wall with bullets] Do you have any idea what this could possibly mean?"
Lavar: "Doris Day. Just a guess."
Shane: "[thinks long and hard] Dom Deluise."
Kenneth: "Daniel Day-Lewis."
In the Way Back: "Snoop Doggy Dogg."
Another Bad Guy: "Daphne du Maurier."
Snidely K. 'Whip' Whiplash: "Oh, shut up."
In The Back: "Doc Duvalier."
Lefty: "David Duchovny?"
In The Back: "Delores Del Rio."
Snidely K. 'Whip' Whiplash: "Shut up, you idiots."
Kenneth: "Dan Rather."
Snidely K. 'Whip' Whiplash: "These initials could only mean one thing: Dudley Do-Right."
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Snidely K. 'Whip' Whiplash: "[after boulders come rolling down the hill at them] That's not fair! They've got rocks! All we've got are these machine guns. Oh, mother of pearl, here comes another one."
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