Transformers Scramble City
Release: January 01, 1986

Scramble City is the name of a Transformers OVA (Original Video Animation) created and released in Japan in April 1986. As Transformers: The Movie would not be brought to Japan until 1990, Scramble City was instead created to bridge the gap between it and season 2 of the Transformers cartoon in Japanese continuity. Beginning with a recap of the coming of the Transformers to Earth and the story of Devastator, the OVA then gets its original story underway, as the Autobots are shown to be in the midst of constructing the powerful "Scramble City," overseen by their newest arrival, Ultra Magnus. When the Decepticons learn of this, their combiner robots are deployed to attack, and a battle between them and their Autobot counterparts ensues, focusing on their "Scramble Power" - the interchangeability of the individual limbs - to the extent that at one point, Breakdown of the Stunticons connects to Superion to damage him. At the OVA's conclusion, Scramble City is activated and assumes its robot mode of Metroplex to rout the Decepticons. However, from the ocean depths, the Decepticons' own city, Trypticon, rises... Unfortunately, this cliffhanger was never resolved as no direct sequel was ever produced. An extended commercial, called Scramble City Toys but often mistakenly identified as Scramble City 2, was released, but rather than wrap up the cliffhanger, it retold the OVA through stop-motion animation of the toys themselves, with one addition - the introduction of Galvatron. However, Galvatron was mistakenly shown to be one of Megatron's soldiers, and not, as the fiction would go on to establish, the recreated version of Megatron himself. Scramble City is part of the Japanese continuity, but not the American. Scramble City Toys is not part of either, and is simply a toy advert. "Scramble City" is included as a special feature on "Transformers: The Movie" 20th Anniversary Special Edition 2-Disc DVD, although due to rights issues with the entirety of the soundtrack, only a fan commentary (and no subtitles) was provided.

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