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1 month, 29 days ago
I Remember playing this Arcade game called "Space Defender" in the arcades back in early 1983.It was a 3D game with wireframe graphics like Battlezone or the Star Wars arcade game.The playing field was a rectangle that went way out with lines across the rectangle.You could go all across the playing field and saw the back of the spaceship was a 3D triangle looking spaceship.Spaceships and U.F.Os would come at you from the end of the screen.It would get closer and closer as they shot lasers at you.You had to shoot each ship down and you lost when you got hit or when they got past you.There was a generic UFO and other spaceships and one that looked like yours from the front facing.I saw the game at a couple arcades in the Sacramento and Davis and just the general Sacramento county area.The controller was a plane joystick and it allowed it to move around.
I saw the game till late 1983 in late December when I saw it one day and then the next day it was gone. I've been looking all over the internet for years and years and can't find anything.
I hope someone has any info about it then leave it in the comments.
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