Dragon Tales
Debut: September 06, 1999
Ended: November 25, 2005

After moving into a new house, six-year-old Emmy and four-year-old Max discover a playroom with an enchanted dragon scale that transports them to a place called Dragon Land. Dragon Land is inhabited by colorful anthropomorphic dragons, four of which they quickly befriend. Max becomes friends with Ord, a big blue dragon who loves eating and is easily scared. Emmy becomes friends with Cassie, a small pink dragon who is very shy but is very smart and responsible, and the two meet Zak & Wheezie, a two headed dragon with Zak being laid back and logical, and Wheezie being more outgoing and weird. The group is later joined by Enrique, a boy who moves in from Columbia late in the series. The group often go on quests and solve everyday problems with moral lessons and a little bit of Spanish. Other characters include Quetzal, the dragons' school teacher, Sid Sycamore, a talking and wiscracking tree, and Mungus, a giant living in a castle in the sky. On PBS the series showed two stories an episode divided by a "Dragon Tune", a music video featuring the characters.

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Ord: "You kissed a caterpoozle!"
Wheezie: "It's no worse than kissing a brother! (kisses Zak)"
Zak: "Ew! Sister germs!"
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Zak: "Take it easy, Wheezie!"
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Wheezie: "I want to ride the roller coaster dragon so bad I can taste it!"
Ord: "Really? What does it taste like?"
Cassie: "Ha ha ha! It's an expression, Ord!"
Ord: "Oh. What does an expression taste like?"
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Zak: "I think that noise is coming from Quiet Corner."
Wheezie: "(screaming)Quiet Corner, here we come!!!"
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Max: "Next time we go to Dragon Land you should meet my new friend. He's a rock."
Emmy: "A rock that talks? What does he say?"
Max: "(burps)"
Emmy: "Ha Ha Ha! Excuse you!"
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Wheezie: "Love it!"
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Max: "Home run!"
Ord: "You have to run home now?"
Max: "No! I scored a run!"
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Emmy: "Definitely!"
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Wheezy: "I loooooooove it! -Wheezy"
Emmy: "Definately. -Emmy"
Max and Emmy: "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons, in a land apart."
Max and Emmy: "I wish, I wish to use this rhyme, to go back home until next time."
Emmy: "The dragons are calling us! -Emmy"
Max: "Emmy, will you still be my friend, even if we fighted over something we both wanted."
Emmy: "not now, Max"
Max: "Home run!"
Ord: "You have to run home now?"
Max: "No. I scored a run!"
Emmy: "(gasp!) What're you doing, Max?"
Max: "Drawing on a sock."
Emmy: "You're gonna be in BIG trouble!"
Max: "Nuh-uh! Dad said I could do anything I wanted with his old clothes."
Emmy: "Did he?"
Max (in a faux voice): "Definitely! (giggles)"
Emmy: "Anything? I know what to do"
Max (in faux voice): "Wonderful idea, Emmy! (normal voice) But who's gonna work the other puppets?"
Max and Emmy: "DRAGONS! (giggling) (fade to dragon scale chant)"
Max and Emmy: "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart."
Max: "(upon returning to the playroom) Hey, Emmy, we never ate our granola bars."
Emmy (putting their detective kit away): "Oh, yeah! Mommy said we could each have a granola bar for a snack. (notices one bar is missing)"
Emmy: "Hey! What happened to the other granola bar? (grabs magnifying glass and holds it to Max's face, all covered with crumbs) I think Emmy the Detective just solved another case! (Max and Emmy both laugh)"
Emmy: "(upon returning to the playroom) Hey, let's play superhero."
Max: "Okay."
Emmy: "[dresses up in a white robe and shines a flashlight] I'm Star Princess Emmy. Who are you gonna be, Max? Max, where are you?"
Max: "Right here."
Emmy: "I can't see you."
Max: "Of course not. You need the glasses. [pops up from a treasure chest] Here I am."
Emmy: "Oh, Max."
Max: "Not Max. Mondo Max!"
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