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17 years, 1 month ago
aynyone remember playing this game? basically the story is bart fall asleep and his report for school goes flying out the bart must find all the pages to get an A or fail

basically this game was hard in some areas(bartzilla,itchy and stratchy) while some were easy to complete(barts bloodstream),IMO
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    17 years, 1 month ago
    i remember that game. if you ran into bullies they would forse you to walk with them untill you ran into fariy lisa who would turn them into rats but if you ran into her alone you turn into a frog which you had to get a granny kiss to turn you back. if you jumped over a basket ball it would turn into a skate bord. there was also a bart-man level and a indiana bart too
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      17 years, 1 month ago
      that game was a real nightmare compared to virtual bart. maybe they shoulda had konami make their games instead
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        17 years, 1 month ago
        I dunno, I liked Krusty's Fun House or whatever it was called. That was a fun game.
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          17 years ago
          I still have that game. I think it's hard... still! I liked picking the doors. One of my most memorable levels of the game would have to be the house level. or maybe when bart flys. I'm not sure. Fun game though. :p
          And with that, I'm gone with the shadows...
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            17 years ago
            It's a tough game but a good one nonetheless.

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              17 years ago
              I never got past the opening sequence. I couldn't understand what the hell to do. You had Z's and could blow bubbles.... it was a mess.
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                17 years ago
                My favorite part was climbing up the building and electrocuting Homer Kong to make him fall off the top and collect the homework paper for the Bartzilla level. The farthest I got was a B-. The game was hard but a lot of fun. LOL 2 quotes just popped into my head from that game:

                When you collected a paper - Duh duh, duhduhduh WOW


                "Hi There" from the level where you had to swim and stick your pump into the viruses and collect the guy with the cowboy hat.
                "I love the's so bad...."
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