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I already posted this elsewhere, but I figure I'll give it a go here.

Roughly somewhere in between 1995 and 1997, I remember seeing this commercial that featured a basketball player. Who it is, I am not sure, but going by how my memory has his appearance, it may have been Michael Jordan, but I could wrong. If not, it was someone with a similar appearance. Anyway, it started off with him outside entering some basketball court, and a shadow of something flies over him. He enters the court, and it is empty and aesthetically very dark looking in there. There is some woman standing around in the court who I think was blonde and may have been wearing a red suit and skirt, and possibly had her hair pulled back. When the basketball player gets the ball, he does a slow motion slam dunk and has this intense, long drawn out sound that I remember being high-pitched, as if seriously straining himself. He makes the basket, and the commercial ends with showing the woman's mouth up close, grinning. She speaks something, but there is no audio. It then cuts to a black screen containing whatever it's advertising.

I suspect it may have been a shoe commercial, maybe Air Jordan, as the man looked like a Michael Jordan type, and the woman may have been mouthing "Just do it." but no such commercial comes up in my searches. The Air Jordan XI Commercial is very close to it. So much that the beginning almost made me think it's it, despite no entry, and no lady. It is not it, obviously, as in the one I am looking for, he doesn't run at all, and the rest I describe clearly does not happen Visually the Tell Me Me looks a lot closer to how I remember it, being darker, and having the slow motion slam dunk, but the one I am looking for had no monologue, and the one I am showing has no shriek/scream/grunt, and also, there's no lady.
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