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For me, it was Cobb Theatre. There were 2 in my county, the rest were other chains, but my most memorable movie viewings (possibly because the movies were EPIC) were at Cobb Theaters. The theaters held on the 70's feel, even in the 80's, while every other chain was trying to "modernize". I saw most of my childhood movies at a Cobb Theater, and the atmosphere of those theaters just made it all the more memorable.

Oliver & Company
Charlotte's Web
The Last Unicorn
An American Tail
Care Bears 2 - A New Generation
The Land Before Time
All Dogs Go To Heaven

I'm missing a ton, but Cobb was where my elementary school always took us for movie field trips and one was only 15 minutes from home (before they closed it in '89, and the family had to drive farther to some other theater that felt cold and soul-less by comparison...and LITERALLY cold: they always had the ac turned up too high).

To this day, if I want to watch an 80's animated movie, I just put it on my Quest and watch it on Bigscreen's "retro cinema" environment. It's not the same feel, but it's REALLY close.
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