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I am not sure when this movie came out or the actors in it. It is a movie about the lives of two senior citizens. It is about their lives and the lonliness that seniors who are castaways face. The two men become friends even though they have many differences. One man is a foreign man who has to have everything just so. He eats the same sandwich in the park everyday. He is a gentleman and is always dressed nicely. The other man has a drinking problem, he is always crude with his comments about women. Both men lead very lonely lives and were discarded by their families. To eachother they make their lives seem to be very interesting and fulfilling while in realty they are miserable. They try and help eachother balance out. The gentleman tries to help the crude character to be more presentable. (I think he was a barber from cuba) The crude man tries to teach the other how to be more outgoing and not so straight laced. I dont know why this movie popped into my head but I can't get it out.

***Update**** I just found it. It is wrestling Ernest Hemmingway
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    That's "Wrestling Ernest Hemingway" you're talking about. I'm a big Robert Duvall fan, although I must admit I've never seen this one.

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