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This movie has been buggin me. I have been recently reminisin about my childhood and this cheesy horror flick won't get out of my head. I don't know much about it but what I do remember it has something to do with a t.v and a blob-lookin like monster. I don't think it comes out of the t.v but it might I know it has something to do with a t.v. (maybe in the title of the movie) I know it was freaky when I was a kid but it sounds cheesy now and one of the characters reminds me of a John Ritter look-alike (or maybe it is him) Please help me figure it out I know somebody has seen it it had to of come out in the early 80's maybe later than 86. It's kind of like a B-movie but a little better. Give me some clues or hints if you got em Cause I really hate when I can't think of a title and I want to see the movie again but can't remember. Oh and does anybody remember the movie The Great Land of Small? I just bought for 1.00 at the goodwill. It's a movie that I used to like when I was real little and it's still like I remember cheesy but awesome!
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