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Sounds like a rollercoaster drive or something


This is the sound of moving the slider / "Cursor" back and forth on one of these boxes. Couldn't resist flicking it all the way over at the end.

They also have the coolest looking logo on the top, I stuck mine, which is ratty, in my scanner upside down and scanned the logo, it looks a lot more gold than this, the scanner made it look funny

Yes, I realize this is an odd thing to be nostalgic about, but I distinctly remember putting ours on channel 22 in Memphis (provider was Cable Vision, remember them?)

I watched Pinwheel with one of these. I miss Pinwheel :(

ALso, Sign the Classic Nickelodeon Petition, Or Else!
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    I remember those boxes.
    It's OK, next time I'll make you listen. I wish that it were in the power of all children to say that to their parents and to know that indeed they would be heard as we were in those wonderful days on Waltons Mountain.Narrator The Waltons (From the Runawa
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      I used to flick it back and forth too
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