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14 years ago
Ok, I dont have much info, so we are going to have to go with what I can remember. This has been bugging me for years. There was a show on TV (childrens show) back in the 1970's and possible early 80's about two kids (ages between 12-14) a boy and a girl who communicated through a television screen. Something makes me think that the boy was on earth and the girl was somewhere in space, and somehow they found each other through their televisions. Once distinct thing I remember is that each kid had to hide this communication from their parents, so everytime someone came into their room they would cover up the screen. Please forgive me if this makes no sense, but I was very young when I watched this show, and I loved it. If anyone could help.....that would be great!
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    14 years ago
    The only show i remember from that era with kids having powers was "Beyond Witch Mountain". I think the kids were brother and sister though. I hoped that helped.Good luck.
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