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13 years, 9 months ago
When I look back at some of the things I received as a kid I feel pretty grateful. Money was always tight growing up so when I got something I asked for that was expensive I was always very appreciative towards my parents for getting me what I asked.

If there was one toy that brought me years of joy, it was the Fisher Price 3 in 1 Tournament Table. A table that could be transformed into pool, air hockey (although there was no air you just pushed the puck), and ping pong. The family came over for my 8th birthday and I was not allowed in my room, because it was a surprise. I had forgotten all about the Tournament Table, thinking there was no way I was getting it.

So I was finally allowed in my room and by the power of gray skull smack dab in the center of my room was the 3 in 1 Tournament Table. My jaw hit the floor, it was just so fucking cool and I had one. I can still remember the smell of the plastic of the table. I never knew anyone else to have one so I felt pretty special.

Getting back to school that weekend I told my friend what I got and asked him if he wanted to spend the night that weekend. Well of course he did I got the 3 in 1 Tournament Table motha fucka.

So that weekend I moved it into the basement so we could stay up all night playing it, along with my Super Nintendo, some Dominoes Pizza and Mountin Dew, a radio for some great 90's tunes, that weekend my basement became the ultimate!

Every time one of us lost at air hockey we would mimmic the kid in the commercial and get close enough so the red of the goal glowed on our face and in a serious voice say "One more game" We did it every fucking time and laughed our asses off.

I think I maybe played ping pong once on it. It really was too small for ping pong even by kids standards. Hockey was cool but most of the time the puck went flying at your head. Pool was the main event, as long as you had the table leveled right.

A few later Fisher Price came out with the Triple Arcade, the same idea as the Tournament Table but in a lot of ways it out does the Tournament Table. The Triple Arcade is just that, an arcade. It had ski ball, Basketball, and wait for it....PINBALL. I loved playing pinball and to own an actual working pinball machine was incredible. At this point money was still tight but we were managing so I asked for it and again was surprised on my birthday. I followed the same routine by putting it downstairs and for a short while in the corner of my basement I had my sweet ass arcade/billiard room.

They just dont make cool shit like these two things anymore. I still have both of them but they are tucked away somewhere. If I clean up the Tournament Table I am thinking about giving it to my nephew, I would rather see it played with by someone else rather then I keel it in a corner somewhere not being used.

So did anyone else have the Tournament Table or Triple Arcade? I would to hear a few stories on your reactions and how much you enjoyed playing with them.
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    13 years, 9 months ago
    I never had the Tournament Table, but did play pool on it one time at someone elses house. I did have the Triple Arcade though. Like you I really wanted it for one of my birthdays and my parents ended up getting it for me. I was very excited. I literally freaked having my own pinball machine, that was the mother of it all :D

    I wish I still had it somewhere, but I remember the power cable braking, and we later got rid of it, we probably could have gotten another one though.

    I've seen a few of them on ebay.

    Here's an old commercial for the Triple Arcade:

    (You will need to add the www. between the http:// and zippy for the link to work, as that part doesn't appear for some odd reason)
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      12 years, 3 months ago
      I had a tournament table when I was a kid my aunt got it for me for Christmas one year. I was so suprized. I played with that thing for hours mostly pool. I thought it was to small for ping pong and the hockey when I hit the puck it would always fly off the table and almost always hit something. I still have it it is now in my aunts basement covered with junk I am thinking of un covering it and playing with it just for old times sake. since I first got it I am missing the grey light up hockey goals a ping pong ball and a couple of pool balls.
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