13 years, 8 months ago
Hey guys, I can't remember the name of either of these for the life of me.

1) A set of fake bugs that came with various gels blood (red), guts (green) and (pus). There were two kinds of bugs. Small bugs could have their bodies filled, and the large ones could only have their heads filled. (You could then squash the bugs and watch their "innards" ooze/explode outward...too cool). The large bugs (I remember a fly and a cockroach) had pull-string heads that would cause their bodies to shake and vibrate as the two parts reconnected.

Note: Don't even guess "Creepy Crawlers," that is not correct. :D

2) Toy aquariums that you would fill with a gel substance and then use tools (forceps, bubble maker) to create a scene "underwater." I remember one set having piranhas and another set that was military-themed (jets, submarines, torpedos, etc.)

Thanks everyone. I know if anyone remembers this stuff it's the RetroJunkers 8)
    13 years, 8 months ago
    Good news, finally tracked down the name of the aquarium toys: apparently it was Wonder World Aquarium (made by Hasbro).

    Sadly I wasn't able to find any images, all my information came from a lawsuit between Hasbro and the company that made the packets of chemicals used to create the gel.

    Still looking for those dang bugs though :\
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