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13 years, 7 months ago
Anyone remember Computer Warriors?

Well I have an old used VHS tape I bought for a dollor from a pawn shop a couple weekes ago and finnally got to watching it today. im watching it now as I speak.

Yesterday I finally took the tape from out of my car and took a real hard look at the cover box. The whole reason I bought it was because of the curiosity as to what this tape was about. At first I thought it was something live action, maybe a documentary aboult cutting edge programmers. And judging by the looks of the box after a second glance it looked like somthing from 1987 or 88.

After reading the contents I finally found a MATTEL label on the box and realized it must be an hour introdutory cartoon based on a toyline I dont remember.

Before the cartoon started there was a commercial based on the toys.

I was right,
I don't remember them.

That probably was because when they aired the ads on TV back then, I had no interest in buying the toys.

I see a character in here named "Scanner". He looks like F4s Dr. Doom. LOL
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