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8 years, 7 months ago
Would you agree McDonald's food tasted much better back in the 1990's and Early 2000's than it does now?

Maybe it's just me, but I remember McDonald's food tasting so much better when I was a kid. I remember their burgers were too die for back then. Their chicken nuggets and fries have always tasted the same, but their burgers definitely taste different now. Somewhere down the years, they changed the way they cook their burgers and now they kinda taste smushy and soggy.

Maybe it's just nostalgia and I'm older now and no longer a kid, but I feel like McDonald's food use to taste so much better back in the day.

Anyone else agree?
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    I would speculate that the quality of their food is not as good as it used to be in the 90's. Their food in the 90's probably wasn't as good as it was in the years prier. When I was a kid, going to McD's was more about the experience. The one we used to go to when I was a kid had a huge play area with all kinds of McD's themed play equipment, all the characters from the commercials there. Sometimes they would even have someone dressed up as Ronald McDonald, it was the best.
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      Who knows. Taste/palate change over time specially if more than a decade has past.
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        The experience is definitely not the same, but I'm pretty sure their burgers taste the same. At least where I live. However, I seem to recall them changing the recipe for their fries years ago. I don't remember what changed, but they're still pretty good IMO.
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          Yes, I totally agree! Either my tastes have changed a lot since childhood, or McDonald's food used better-quality ingredients back then. Now, the mere smell of McDonald's food nauseates me. I remember that in the early 2000s, McDonald's changed oil they were using (at least for the fries) to try to make them healthier. The fries have never been the same since. If they're using that oil for other food, maybe that's why it does not taste as good.
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            I didn't really like the Happy Meal burger even then.......the breakfast and later the McNuggets on the other hand..........

            The commercials were much better too because McDonald's knew when to retire a slogan...............I HATE "I'M LOVIN' IT" SO DAMN MUCH! I WISH THEY WOULD JUST RETIRE IT AND HAVE NO TAG MUSIC FOR THE NEXT SLOGAN!
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              Just the coffee for me these days!
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                Honestly, it doesn't taste much different to me. I think the main difference I experience is that as a kid, it was a once a week treat. It was special and about the experience. Getting the food, that happy meal toy, etc. Then in highschool we would go quite often and it's not as special anymore.
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                  Believe it or not, up until the 1990's the closest McDonalds was 145 miles away. To me, I always found the food fair game as long as I could get that damned happy meal toy and show my friends back home the newest happy meal toy. Alf plushies were the coolest...I lucked out when I visited Mc D's and got an Alf boullia boullia baseball plushy.
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