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Found out at U.S. News of the passing of cumbia musician Fito Olivares, known for songs that were wedding and quinceaƱera mainstays at the age of 75.

The noted saxophonist died in the morning at home in Houston, according to his wife, Griselda. She said Fito was diagnosed with cancer last year.

Born Rodolfo Olivares in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas on April 19, 1947, Fito started playing professionally in his teens. In 1980, he and his brothers formed Olivares y Su Grupo La Pura Sabrosura and moved to Houston.

He is known for inculde "Juana la Cubana", "Aguita de Melon", "El Chicle" and "El Colesterol". In addition to playing the saxophone, he also played accordion, wrote songs and occiasionally sang, his wife said.

Griselda said the family was seeing a lot of support from fans on social media. "They played the music all over the world," she said.

R.I.P. Fito, you'll be missed, you're great cumbia musician of the great song "Juana la Cubana".
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