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1 year, 5 months ago
Found out at BBC News of the passing of Pablo Milanés, a Grammy award winner who was a key member of Cuba's "nuevo trova" (new music) movement at the age of 79.

Affectionately known as Pablito, he was renowned for his poetic lyrics and emotional vocals on hits like Yolanda, Yo Me Quedo and Amo Esta Isla.

His passing was confirmed "with great pain and sadness" on his official Facebook page.

Earlier this month, Milanés cancelled several concerts as he sought treatment for blood cancer in Spain.

"The culture in Cuba is in mourning for the death of Pablo Milanés," Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz tweeted on Monday night.

R.I.P. Milanés, you'll be missed and you're great Nueva Trova of all time.
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