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Top-40 fans vote for top 7

Fans of vintage top-40 radio stations like WABC and WMCA are being asked to vote for their all-time seven favorite songs.

The voting runs through Dec. 10 at, and the top 77 will be counted down in January at

Radio fans Mike Riccio and Tom Natoli put the election together and do the tabulating.

HUNGERTHON KICKOFF: Richard Neer of WFAN (660 AM) launches the annual Hungerthon fund-raiser today, 6-10 a.m.

Tomorrow morning, 6-8, WFAN, WNEW (102.7 FM) and WFNY (92.3 FM) will carry a public service program called "Baking Your Way," explaining where Hungerthon donations go.

AROUND THE DIAL: Tomorrow's "American Routes" on WFUV (90.7 FM), 6-8 p.m., traces the roots of composer George Gershwin, noting the influence of jazz, blues, klezmer music and the theater. ... Kim Shattuck of the Muffs and Doug Fieger of the Knack talk today with Michael Shelley on WFMU (91.1 FM), 10 a.m.-1 p.m. ...

"Weekend All Things Considered" on WNYC (93.9 FM, 820 AM), 5-6 p.m., will feature the fourth of five recordings selected by the Library of Congress. This weekend's selection is Jimi Hendrix's 1967 "Are You Experienced" album, then the series finishes next weekend with the broadcast of the 1938 Joe Louis-Max Schmeling fight. ...

Tony Paige of WFAN (660 AM) talks to Bill Gallo of the Daily News tonight around 11 about the renaming of Shea Stadium.
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