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What do you think about them?

We tried them on our real tree last year and i think they were great! They had a very nice color tone to them and they were REALLY bright. Made the tree look amazing and its good they they don't get hot, especially for real trees.
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    14 years, 1 month ago
    I'm a fan of any LED product, namely because they never burn out.

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      I picked a couple boxes up for our tree this year. I likes. They're cheap enough now that they're practical. Home Depot had them at 6.99 for a 50 light set. They skimped a little on the blue lights though.
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        I don't like them. They seem too bright and in your face, and they irritate my eyes. I prefer the normal, "softer" lights.
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          I've only ever had led lights for our Christmas tree. That's....30, or almost 30, years now. We've never had a problem with them being too bright. But then again, with the amount of white garland and ornaments we load the tree down with, you can't really see the brightness of the lights. We can see that there are lights, of course, but nothing like we would if it was just the lights and nothing else. We load the tree with lights, too. Figure 150-200 lights a string, we usually put five strings of lights on. And the tree is only 4 feet tall. When we used to put up a full size tree, we'd put at least more than twice as many lights.
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            We have led lights on are tree.
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              I think it's great. I saw them at places like Walmart this year and bought some. I have to get my parents to switch. They even make icicle lights and light lawn ornaments.
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