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As a kid, I used to go and watch sitcoms. Not all of them were good, but a good majority of them gave me moments of laughter and excitement. So, if you like sitcoms, post your favorites.

Here's mine (in no order):

Sanford & Son: Based on Steptoe & Son, and involved a junk dealer and his working son (Fred and Lamont Sanford) at Watts, Los Angeles, CA. Popular sitcom of the 1970s, but I couldn't catch it until it ran on TV Land. I still think it's better than any sitcom today. Redd Foxx was a genius.

Seinfeld: Perhaps one of the best sitcoms of the 1990s. Each episode was hilarious and I loved the stand up comedy scenes Jerry Seinfeld did in the beginning of an episode.

I Love Lucy: Could be the godfather (or should I say, godmother) of all sitcoms. I may be way out of target age when this show ran, but catching it upon re-runs, I realized how fun it was to watch. Lucy and Ricky were funny together.

Cheers: One of the more memorable sitcoms that ran in the 1980s and early 1990s. This marked the beginning of Frasier's career, and had his own sitcom (Frasier, 1993) after Cheers ran it's final season.

I left a lot out that were also fun and memorable to watch, but the four I listed were my favorites, and ones that were absolutely hilarious.
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    I'd have to say...

    Growing Pains: Don't know what I loved about this series, I just did. Ben's character was my absolute favorite, but, imo, he grew boring when he got older since he "calmed down".

    Home Improvement: Loved this series, until Jonathan Taylor Thomas left it. Overall, the show as funny, but JTT's character (I know, he actually hates being addressed as that) was my absolute favorite! He was cute too, and sarcastic, and witty.

    Seinfeld: For a show about nothing, it was pretty darn funny.

    The Cosby Show: I loved this series as well. It did get a bit boring in the later seasons, since the kids grew up, but it was still nice. I like the fact that it showed that blacks can achieve goals if they work hard for it. The show always promoted getting a good education and doing your best, had decent morals, and showed that blacks can be something outside of an athlete or entertainer. Very awe-inspiring.

    Boy Meets World: Well, I liked this show for season 1 and 2. It was entertaining, comedic, and fun. The show was a kid/teen comedy show. I wish it would've stayed this way. If it wouldn't have become a "cry me a river" teen drama, I probably would've stuck with it.

    The Partridge Family: I know I'm out of the age range with this, but I did enjoy it. It's a nice parallel to The Brady Bunch. I liked the Partridge Family more, slightly, because it was a bit more realistic and did mention things like sex and politics.

    The Brady Bunch: It's a guilty pleasure. I like the innocence this show seems to portray, I guess. I also like to joke around with the show too. Yeah, one guy working and can support six kids (three who had to have braces at one point, and one with glasses), a housewife, and a maid... He had to have been dealing on the side. =P

    Leave it to Beaver: I'm way out of the range of this, but for some reason I love this show. It's so nice and innocent! Watching Leave it to Beaver just takes me back to when I was a kid, reading Beverly Cleary books (Henry; Ramona books) which took place in the 1950s. I also find the dynamic interesting and making parallels between that time and now. Like how back then, if you got a new bike for your kid, you were supposed to get it registered and put a license on it.

    That's about all I can think of right off.
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      My all-time favorite sitcom would have to be "Family Matters". I used to watch that every Friday night, back when they had TGIF on ABC.
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        When I was a kid in the 80s I really liked Alf, The Cosby Show, Different Strokes, Charles in Charge, Growing Pains, Who's The Boss, and reruns of What's Happening and The Brady Bunch.

        In the 90s and 2000s I like/liked shows like Friends, Seinfeld, and Everybody Loves Raymond.
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          Sigmund the Sea Monster.
          [email protected]#kin classy.
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            different world-I can relate to this show somewhat since i'm in college

            roseanne-reminds me of my family somewhat

            golden girls-always loved this one not sure why
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            Here today gone tomarrow
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              14 years, 1 month ago
              Seinfeld rules.
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                Full House: I still watch it to this day. As corny as it was, there was something about I just adored.

                Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Clever and Witty. Salem the cat was my favorite character lol.

                The Brady Bunch: Another corny show that had it's own special charms.

                Laverne and Shirley: Don't ask me why, but I absolutely loved this show growing up.

                Family Matters: Fun to watch just to see Urkel doing wacky things.

                And of course, good ol' I Love Lucy.
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                  14 years, 1 month ago
                  "Married With Children"
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                    14 years, 1 month ago
                    The adams family, Gomer pyle USMC, The munsters, I love lucy, Ma and pa kettle, Bonanza etc.. :)
                      14 years, 1 month ago
                      My favorite sitcoms are Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Sister Sister, Smart Guy, Step by Step, and The Parkers.
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