DuckTales Quotes
Huey, Dewey, and Louie: "We missed ya, Uncle Scrooge!"
Scrooge: "Missed me? What'd you throw at me?"
if it has wings i can crash it
Baggy Beagle: "It's not easy being wanted when you're WANTED..."
Mad Dog McGurk: (waking up) "Where are we?"
Scrooge McDuck: "On a deserted beach."
Mad Dog McGurk: "Great! I love the beach!"
Scrooge: "We have to turn ourselves in, Mad Dog! It's the only way!"
Mad Dog: "Never! I ain't going back there; not for something I didn't do!"
Scrooge: "You are innocent??"
Mad Dog: "Yeah; some rich guy tricked me into taking jewels from a jewelry store. He didn't tell me they weren't his!"
Scrooge: "Who would do such a thing??"
Mad Dog: "He had a beard, a plaid hat, and he talked even funnier than you."
Scrooge: "Glomgold! Trust me; once we get off of here, I'll see that you are freed!"
Huey: "It's that old man who hired the Beagle Boys!"
Dewey: "And tried to steal our ancient treasure ship!"
Louie: "But you drowned... Didn't you?"
El Capitan: "Ha! Nothing on earth could stop El Capitan from finding his gold!"
Mad Dog McGurk: "I'm Mad Dog McGurk, and I hate rich ducks!"
Ma Beagle: "Boys! Are you alright?"
Bang-Job Beagle: "We're fine, Ma, but we might glow in the dark for a while..."
Launchpad McQuack: "If you ask me, real heroes don't need cameras and make-up; real heroes just do their job!"
Huey: "Don't listen to him, Major Courage! He's just jealous!"
Dewey and Louie: "Yeah! Jealous!"
Doofus: "Yeah... Jealous..."
Bang-Job Beagle: "Not a sound, fatso, or your friend gets it!"
Flintheart Glomgold: "I'll get even with you, Scrooge McDuck! I get even!"
Dewey: "Go ahead, Beagle Boys... Take my ray!"
Launchpad McQuack: "Surprise, Mr. McD!"
Scrooge McDuck: "Launchpad, you're okay! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!"
Doofus: "You did it, Launchpad! You rescued me and got back all of Mr. McDuck's money! You oughta hire him back, Mr. McDuck."
Launchpad McQuack: "In fact, he oughta give me a raise."
Bang-Job Beagle: "This is a huckleberry hand-grenade cake, McQuack! Try anything funny, and I'll blow the frosting off of you!"
Scrooge McDuck: "What did you do??"
Gyro Gearloose: "Well, you did say to make it as real as it can be, so I did!"
Bigtime Beagle: "Alright, you little runts! You've just won a trip to Mars!"
Bigtime Beagle: (as Dewey)"Hey! Let go, you big ninny!"
Ms. Beakley: "That's 'nanny', and you'd better watch your language."
Bang-Job Beagle: "You've made fools out of the Beagle Boys for the last time, Scrooge McDuck!"
Scrooge McDuck: "I don't like it either, Glomgold. But just this once, we have to work together."