The Woodwright's Shop is a traditional woodworking show hosted by Roy Underhill on PBS. It is one of the longest running "how to" shows on PBS, with 28 13-episode seasons filmed. Since its debut in 1979 the show has aired over 360 episodes. Initially only broadcast on public TV in North Carolina, the show was "nationalized" in 1981. It is still filmed at the UNC-TV (University of North Carolina Center for Public Television) studios in Research Triangle Park, NC.

The show is filmed in one take with no editing and as a result, the host is often out of breath by the end of the 24 minute program. The show also does not hide the nicks and cuts that come from wood-working with hand tools. The first such incidence occurring in the third episode of the series, "Dumbheads in Action". A dumbhead is a clamping fixture on a foot operated shaving horse used to hold unseasoned ("green") wood.

Roy has had a wide range of woodworking professionals as guests on his show from many different fields of woodworking, Frank Klausz, Nora Hall, Steve Latta, David Calvo, Michael Dunbar, Dan Mack, Don Weber, Wayne Barton and Curtis Buchanan as well as many less well known specialists in the fields of tinsmithing, spoon carving, cooperage (barrels, buckets, canteens), lutherie (stringed instruments), whirligigs, archery, puppetry, basket making, spinning wheels and blacksmithing. Guest have also included famous people with a woodworking hobby such as Governor Mike Easley. Roy's wife and children have appeared on various episodes over the shows nearly thirty year span of production.