In 1994 the show moved from daily to an hour on weekends and was became ''The Bozo Super Weekend Show. They lost all of the clowns except for Bozo(Joey D' Auria) and Prof Andy(Andy Mitran). In place of the lost actors we got Rusty the Handyman(Robin Eurich) a bumbling half wit who breaks more than he can fix, Pepper(Cathy Schenkleburg) a fiesty she clown who loves to make trouble for bozo and the others, and Tunia the petunia(Michelle Gregory) a plant loving clown who usually would trick someone by being the one you would least suspect. The show ran pretty well for about 2 years,but in 1996 began to go downhill when they lost pepper,and then in 1997 when not only did tunia leave the show but due to FCC regulation the show had to become at least half educational. By 1998 the show had become an unfortunate pale shadow of iot's old self by comparision usually consisting of 2 or 3 skits the Grand Prize Game,2 or 3 educational bits and the grand march. The worst blow came at January of 2001 when Roy Brown died after his final appearance as cooky was aired. Then in March WGN studios announced that after one final 90 minute special in June celebrating being on the air for 40 years the show would end.