Anime series from japan.

Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V (³¬ëŠ´Å¥Þ¥·©`¥ó ¥Ü¥ë¥Æ¥¹£Ö, Ch¨­denji Mash¨©n Borutesu Faibu?) is a Japanese anime television series that was first aired on TV Asahi starting April 6, 1977. It was created by Tadao Nagahama as the second part of his Robot Romance Trilogy , of the Super Robot genre.

Conceived as a second part/remake of its predecessor Combattler V , was released in Italy, Spain, and The Philippines, dubbed in their respective languages except initially in the Philippines, where the first airing, in 1979, was dubbed in English.

In 1997, an armada of horned humanoid aliens known as Boazanians invade earth and launch their "beast fighters" all over the world. Their first humiliating defeat by Super Electromagnetic Machine, Voltes V brings the invaders to focus their attacks on Japan. Voltes V was designed by Dr. Kentaro G¨­, his wife Dr. Mitsuyo G¨­ and their trusted colleague, Dr. Hamaguchi and built by large scale construction effort backed by United Nations Earth Defense Force and General Oka. Voltes V is piloted by Ken'ichi G¨­; five "Volt Machines" that comprise the robot are piloted by Ken'ichi, Daijiro, Hiyoshi, Megumi Oka, and Ippei Mine respectively. Kenichi, Daijiro, and Hiyoshi are three sons of Kentaro and Mitsuyo G¨­. Megumi Oka is the only daughter of General Oka. Ippei is an orphan cowboy with considerable talent drafted into service.

Voltes V's home base is Camp Big Falcon, a fortress situated on a bird-shaped island along the coast of Japan. Voltes V's enemy are the Boazanians namely Prince Heinell, his advisors Rui Kazarin, Jyangaru and Do Zuuru. The series focuses on the struggle against Boazan invaders, and G¨­ brothers' search for their long-lost father, Kentar¨­ G¨­. As the series progresses, three major characters, Dr. Mitsuyo G¨­, Do Zuul, and Dr. Hamaguchi' dies. Zuul and Hamaguchi are replaced by characters Belgan and Dr. Sakunji. Later in the series, the brothers learn of their unique heritage of being half Boazanian. The characters deal with their identity's impact on their own lives and that on both their close friends and bitter enemies.

Voltes V, along with Gatchaman, is considered one of the forerunners of the Super Sentai meta-series of tokusatsu action shows.

All three Super Robot Romance Trilogy Mecha show up in the following Super Robot Wars games: Super Robot Wars Advance, Super Robot Wars Alpha 2, and Super Robot Wars Alpha 3. Alpha 3 also allows all three robots to take part in a combination attack which did not feature in any of the shows. Voltes V also appears in many other games in the series, with and without the other two Romantics.