Covington Cross detailed the life of a widower knight known as Sir Thomas Grey and his four children. (There were originally five, but one left to fight in the crusades and was almost never mentioned again.) The series was extraordinarily well done as a drama, and rather than resorting to cheap theatrics and unrealistic fight scenes like Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules, this series actually maintained an air of some quiet dignity for all thirteen episodes. It ran from August of 1992 to October 1992 due to both a complete botch on behalf of ABC executives pushing the release back by several weeks after airing the pilot episode, and then selling the timeslot to failed politician Ross Perot for his campaign ads. The series can be found on DVD, and it was a great draw. Much like the more modern show Firefly, this series had a good set of dynamic characters from start to finish that never were able to reach their true potential thanks to network TV politics.