The Hilarious House of Frightenstein was created in 1971 at the studios of CHCH Channel 11 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. For the next 25 years it aired across Canada and in parts of the United States. During its run, the show touched and influenced many people. It might have been the strange characters and writing, or maybe it was the early morning hour in which the show often ran. Whatever the reason, Frightenstein got into people’s minds and it stuck there.

Where and When it Aired
In 1971, on its original station CHCH 11, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein aired at 10:00am on Saturdays — right after Spiderman at 9:30am and right before Camera on Camera at 11:00.

Where it Went
The Hilarious House of Frightenstein last aired on a Canadian cable station called "Showcase" in 1997. When its run was over, the broadcast masters used by Showcase were allegedly destroyed at the request of the producer.

January 25, 2006
Back on TV!

Frightenstein is back on TV, thanks to Critical Mass and Drive-In Classics. It airs daily at 6:30pm. Tune in