"SuperBook" Tells the time traveling adventures of Christopher "Chris" Peepers, his friend Joyeux "Joy" Quantum, his cousin Uriah "Uri" Peepers, his poodle Ruffles, and his winding toy protector, Gizmo The Crusading Robot.

In Season 1 Chris discover an old bible in the attic, little did he know that this was no ordinary bible, this bible can travel back through time, and he can talk, that bible is SuperBook.

For Chris, Joy, and Gizmo they were chosen by SuperBook to travel back to time and meet such legendary characters like Noah, Adam and Eve, Samson and Delilah, Joseph, Jonah, David and Golaith, and Jesus Christ.

Not only that Gizmo C. Robot was transform from a winding toy into a mighty big winding robot, after traveling to time SuperBook sends Chris, Joy, and Gizmo back to the 20th century at the end and Chris always learns a lesson at the end of every episode.

In Season 2 Gizmo was evolved from a wind up toy, into a fully fledged robot, and we were introduce to Chris' cousin Uri, somehow when Chris got a brand new computer from his uncle well SuperBook came out of the bookshelf and bump into the computer's keyboards.

All of a sudden Chris, Gizmo, Joy, & Uri saw images of every page that SuperBook unleashes, from out of nowhere Ruffles, Chris' lovable poodle had somehow got inside the computer and transported through time, now it is up both Uri and Gizmo to find Ruffles and get her back home, and somehow they found her and officially went to the 20th century.

SuperBook was a collaboration of CBN the same network that brought us the legendary 700 Club, and Tatsunoko the company introduce us to Speed Racer, G-Force, Honeybee Hutch, The Litl' Bits, Teknoman Slade, Timefighters, The Flying House, The BeyBlade Metal Saga, and Robotech.

The original version was air on TBN and The CBN Cable Network (A.K.A. FreeForm) from 1982 to 1985.