A cartoon between good and evil, The Dreammaker, Wuts, and Noops lived in the Land of Dreams, where the Dreamstone was the most powerfull object in the land. Where as on the other side on the purple mist, was Viltheed, Zordrak and an army of Urpneys. Along with Argorribles, and in later episodes, The Nightmare Stone, Argorribles tried sending nightmares into the Land of Dreams at every giving chance. But evil is always thrawted by good. The show was a spectacular hit back on CITV during the early-mid 90's, with a great soundtrack written and composed by Wombles man Mike Batt, who had also wrtten Bright Eyes for the Watership Down 1978 animated feature.
The show had 4 great series and a total of 52 episodes in total, making it a long and terrific succees for it's creator Mike Jupp, who later went on to create another hit series for CITV; Bimble's Bucket. But the Dreamstone will always be Jupp's first succeesfull animated show.