Dokonjō Gaeru (ど根性ガエル, English: “The Gutsy Frog”) is a comedy manga published and serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump by Yasumi Yoshizawa between 1970 to 1976. It follows Pyonkichi the frog who was later squashed after middle school boy Hiroshi tripped over, becoming an animated shirt imprint. Adventures and slice-of-life antics follow Hiroshi trying to live out his life through episodic advices.

Two animated shows produced by TMS Entertainment were made. The first adaptation aired on the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC, then owned by Tokyo Broadcasting System) on Fall 1972 and ran for 103 episodes before concluding on September 28, 1974. The second adaptation, called “Shin Dokonjō Gaeru”, aired on Nippon Television from September 1981 to March 1982, lasting 30 episodes.

The 1972 series was the second anime so far based on a Shonen Jump manga.