Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Emperor in Japan) Was the first anime to ever be broadcast in color.This Series is about a Young, Friendly, Brave White Lion named kimba that has all kinds of adventures with his friends he has a big heart and doesnt believe in getting into Fights or Mischief and he's just the friendliest little guy that you can imagine!It was redubbed in 1993 by Zaza productions in Toronto,Canada.This version is known by Kimba fans worldwide as the "Canadian" version. In 1997, a movie by the name of "Jungle Emperor Leo," the serie's original name, was made. Jungle Emperor Leo depicted Kimba and Kitty as adults with cubs of their own.

Also, Kimba had a strange power. He could talk to humans. This power was given to him when an ancestor of his drank a strange potion allowing him to speak.(episode 16). Although Kimba speaks to Mr. Brawn in episode 2, it's only because he could understand animals. Two sequel series we made. Onward, Leo! Showed a grown up Kimba and Kitty with cubs(Lune and Lukiyo) Just like in the movie. The other was The New adventures of Kimba the white lion. Osamu Tezuka, the creator, directed 6 episodes before his untimely death in 1989.
This series was released on VHS in America by Pioneer animation in 1998. Copies of both series can be purchased on,, and