A remake of the 1988 film. Rather than a Good Guys doll taking on the soul of a dead serial killer, this Chucky is a piece of rogue AI (a "Buddi" doll with the ability to control all the technology in a house remotely via the cloud) who becomes self-aware and violent after a disgruntled sweatshop employee disables all of his safety features as an act of spite. Andy Barclay is now portrayed as a 13-year-old boy living with his mother Karen in a new apartment building in Chicago, who finds use in him as a tool to scare his mother's detestable boyfriend, if nothing else. While using the Buddi Chucky having fun with his new friends Falyn and Pugg, it attaches itself to Andy at the hip, and with his violence inhibitors turned off, begins to kill those Andy dislikes (starting with the family cat, Mickey Rooney, who hurt Andy by scratching him). Once the doll murders his mother's boyfriend and delivers his skinned face to Andy's room, he realizes it is evil and has to be destroyed – but Buddi proves much easier to find than to lose. With no one believing his story about the doll turning evil, Andy has to take on Chucky himself and stop his murderous rampage in its tracks.